Des Moines Area - Apartment Design Contest Winners

April 6, 2017

Haverkamp Properties Apartment Design Contest

24 entries. 11 finalists. 3 winners.

After lots of careful consideration, our team chose three winners for our Des Moines area Apartment Design Contest who we believe have the cutest living spaces! Take a look for yourself... these three know how to make an apartment feel cozy & homey while also creating a design aesthetic that appeals to the eye and expresses personality.

3rd Place: Alicia Snyder - Riverwood

Haverkamp Properties Design Contest 3rd Place

We love this classy and artistic apartment space! The personal touches Alicia has added to each room create a feeling of home. Bright colors here and there bring a vibrance to the space that we are inspired by! Congrats Alicia, and thanks for participating in our contest!

2nd Place: Katie Riley - Woodland Reserve

Haverkamp Properties Design Contest Runner Up

This apartment has gorgeous color combos and unique decor in each room! Various patterns and prints work together without becoming overwhelming to the eye. We love your space, Katie! Thanks for entering your apartment in our contest!

1st Place: Nancy Kruskop - Tradition Pointe

Haverkamp Properties Design Contest Winner

The pops of color and large canvas prints make this space an obvious winner! Nancy has perfectly styled each room with cozy & artistic touches that make us want to move in! And seriously... that bathroom is every girl's dream. Congrats on winning first place in our contest, Nancy! Your space is adorable, and your design skills are truly impressive!


These three winners blew our minds with the cuteness level of their apartments, and they received Fun Money and Target gift cards as rewards. Thanks to all our Des Moines area residents who entered and participated in our Apartment Design Contest!