5 Cheap & Easy Potted Succulents

August 24, 2016

5 Cheap and Easy Potted Succulents

Need a special little something to bring your apartment to life? Succulents are an easy plant to care for and a great way to add style to your living space! We've laid out everything you need to know to get an adorable potted succulent while sticking to a low budget!

Potted Succulents

How To Make a Cheap and Easy Potted Succulent

  1. Paint a ceramic mug to turn a cheap option into something cute and personal! If you're feeling crafty, clay plots can also be painted and decorated. Ours cost $0.88 from Wal Mart.
  2. Browse second hand stores to find a small container for your succulent. Look for a vintage tea cup or funky mug to match your style! Ours cost $0.59 from Salvation Army.
  3. Pick out a baking ramekin to plant your tiny, baby plant in. Ours cost $1.92 from Wal Mart.
  4. Find an adorable pot at a nearby craft store. Use a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby to save some extra pennies! Ours cost $3.59 from Hobby Lobby. 
  5. Fill a jar with rocks and soil to create an extra earthy vibe for your plant. A succulent can live in a variety of different sized jars! Use an old jar from your grandma's pantry or find one to purchase at a nearby store. Ours cost $1.14 from Hobby Lobby.

Potted Succulent

Succulents can be purchased at many different stores! We found the cheapest option at Lowe's for just $2.99 a piece. Earl May in Ames sells them for $3.99 and will pot them for free if you purchase either a plant or container from their store! If you've already purchased your pot and plant elsewhere, it will only cost you around $1.00 to have it potted at Earl May. It is important for succulents to have well draining soil, so be sure to buy cactus potting mix if you are potting the plant yourself.

Potted Succulents

To care for your potted plant, water it once to twice a week. Soak the dirt around the root and avoid spraying the leaves with water. Give your succulent lots and lots of sunlight to keep it alive and growing happily! These tiny plants do great sitting in a window sill, and they look pretty cute there, too.

 One potted succulent can cost less than $5.00 total. Spend some time exploring what your cheapest options are and let your creativity be your guide! It is simply hard to go wrong with these trendy plants.