Prairie Pointe Roommate Guide

August 7, 2017

how to get along with your roommate

Roommate Guide

It is not a matter of IF you will have conflict with your roommates... it is a matter of WHEN.  How will you handle it? We want you to have an enjoyable experience while living at Prairie Pointe!

Here are some tips to ensure you have a great year with your roommate:

  1. SET GROUND RULES - We strongly suggest that you have a roommate meeting in the first week of living together. Establish a cleaning schedule, rules and expectations that everyone can live with. This way you can all start off on the right foot and make your experience living here great!

  2. CLEAN UP - Clean up after yourselves! If you make a mess, clean it up right away to show respect to your roommates. This is especially important in the areas of your apartment that everyone uses, such as the kitchen and living room.

  3. COMPANY COURTESY - Ask your roommates before having guests over. If they are not okay with it, establish a better time and day that works for everyone. When you have company over, please show common courtesy and ensure that your guests do the same.

  4. DEALING WITH AN ISSUE - As the saying goes, it’s easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar. Approaching someone in an aggressive manner will only make him or her defensive. You are more likely to reach a solution and compromise if you stay calm and collected.

When to get outside help:

  • MEDIATION - If you and your roommates can’t come up with a solution to conflict on your own and need someone to be the mediator, you can contact our Resident Manager. Schedule a time to meet with him by emailing him at He is here to help keep the peace and guide you to reach a compromise that everyone is okay with. He cannot get involved with personality conflicts or take sides in an argument. Roommate meetings are designed to resolve issues and try to come up with a healthy resolution. Everyone has to be willing to compromise and open to reconciliation. If that is not what your intent is, don’t bother to schedule a meeting.

  • LEASE TERM VIOLATIONS - If a roommate is violating the lease terms, please contact our after hours number to report the violation. Call 515-422-9882 and then dial 4. We cannot act on hearsay; only on physical proof. We cannot evict someone for being mean.

  • TRANSFERS - We are at capacity, so we are unable to move you to a new apartment. Your roommates are your roommates until your lease is fulfilled. The only way out of your lease is by finding a gender appropriate person who is approved by office staff to take over your lease.

  • ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES - Call the police if one of your roommates is doing something illegal in your apartment. If there is an arrest made, we can then take the necessary steps to proceed with an eviction.