Easy DIY Photo Display

June 15, 2017

how to make a photo display board

We call this an "Easy DIY Photo Display," but really it's an "Easy DIY Display for Anything," and that's why we love it so much! This DIY is a simple, low-cost way to bring organization and style to your living space. And we promise... it really is super easy!!



DIY photo display supplies


  1. If necessary, cut your board to your desired length. We had Lowe's cut our 4' board down to 3' when we bought it! 
  2. Sand the board paying extra attention to the edges and rough spots. There's no reason the board needs to be extremely soft, but keep in mind that stain is easier to apply to smooth wood!
  3. Use a rag or an old t-shirt to stain the board. Simply wipe it on the board moving in the direction of the wood grain. Let the stain dry for several hours before moving to the next step. If you would rather paint the board a color, that works great, too!how to stain wood
  4. After the stain is dry and no longer sticky, use chalk or a pencil to mark where to attach the hinge clips. If you are using an odd number of clips like we are, start with marking the center of the board. Our marks were at 6", 12", 18"(center), 24" and 30". Make sure the marks are also level across the board!adding picture clips
  5. Use Gorilla Glue (hot glue or another type of super glue also works) to attach the hinge clips. We lined the bottom edge of the clips up with the marks we made. Hold each clip in place for several seconds to let the glue set!Gorilla Glue for DIY projects
  6. To hang the display board, use command strips or screw it directly into the wall. 

easy DIY photo display

Ways to Use It:

  • Put it above your oven to hold recipe cards for the meals you have planned for the week.
  • Hang it above a row of hooks in your entry way and display favorite pictures and quotes on it.
  • Incorporate it into a gallery wall.
  • Use it above your desk to hold important information and notes.
  • Make two or three and hang one over another to make a statement wall of your snapshots!