How to Get Your Deposit Back

July 2, 2018

how to get your deposit back

How to Get Your Deposit Back

It is time to start cleaning every nook and cranny of your apartment if you are moving out at the end of July! This can be an intimidating task, and you will definitely regret it if you wait to start cleaning until two days before you move out. 

As a resident of Haverkamp Properties, you will receive an in-depth checklist of what to clean before moving out. This checklist is a complete guide to getting your deposit back! And trust us when we say... WE WANT TO RETURN YOUR FULL DEPOSIT TO YOU!

In addition to the checklist we provide you with, we asked our maintenance team for helpful advice to share with you on how to get your deposit back. Pay extra attention to these while going through your checklist... it will benefit you greatly!

Here are 10 tips to help you focus your efforts and do things the right way:

  1.  Walls- If you have scuffs, marks and holes in your walls, it is best to let our team of professionals take care of them. Nail holes are often filled incorrectly, and it is cheaper for our maintenance team to touch up paint than it is for you to buy the materials and do it yourself. The best (and ultimately most cost efficient) thing you can do is wipe down and clean your walls to prepare them for our team.
  2.  Carpet- Your carpet needs to be clean before moving out. If this requires hiring a professional company, schedule it EARLY.  Local carpet cleaning companies book up fast this time of year. Get your carpet cleaned NOW and be careful to not dirty them in the next couple of weeks!
  3. Windows- Windowsills and blinds are easy to miss when cleaning your apartment. Use a Swiffer Duster on the blinds and wipe down the windowsills with a rag and all-purpose cleaner. Make sure you open the windows and clean the entire windowsill!
  4. Oven- Take out the bottom drawer to clean the floor underneath your oven. Food crumbs collect there and are easily missed! Use Mr. Muscle or another brand of spray-on oven cleaner to minimize the amount of scrubbing you have to do on the inside of your oven. Spray it on, let it work and wipe it off!  
  5. Microwave- Pay extra attention to the inside of your microwave. Have you looked up at the top recently? There's most likely a mess of splatters from your heated up leftovers. Don't miss this!
  6. Inside of Cabinets- It is easy to forget about the crumbs in your kitchen cabinets and the random bobby pins under your bathroom sink. Wipe the inside of cabinets out to save you money and our maintenance team time! 
  7. Stove- Ifthe drip pans (or burner pans)on your stove are dirty, they need to be replaced. These are inexpensive and easy to come by if you get them ahead of time! Don't wait until the week before move out or you likely won't be able to find any at local stores. Be sure to purchase universal pans so they fit the stove properly. Clean under the pans by lifting up on the hood of the stove.
  8. Ceiling Fans- An easy yet frequently forgotten step... dust off your ceiling fans! Don't use a wet spray or the dust will turn to mud and cause an even bigger mess. Use a Swiffer Duster or dusting rag and rid each blade of the dust that has collected throughout the year!
  9. Faucets & Drains- Use Lime-A-Way to clean off all the faucets and drains in your apartment. It is one of the best cleaners to effectively remove stains left by the natural minerals in water.
  10. Refrigerator- Are you scared of moving your refrigerator? Don't be. It is on wheels and will roll right out! Cleaning under, inside and on top of your refrigerator is one of the most important things you can do to get your deposit back. Make sure the seals around the doors are clean and crumb-free!

We recommend spreading the cleaning out over several days. There's a lot that can be done early to prevent additional stress on top of moving! Happy cleaning! :)