Furnishing Your Apartment with Thrift Store Finds in Ames

August 16, 2017

thrift store finds

Thrift stores can be overwhelming, but they are a great place to find household items, apartment decorations and DIY supplies while sticking to a college budget. We visited four of our favorite thrift stores in Ames to get better acquainted with what they're all about and figure out what each is best for! 


overflow thrift store ames
Overflow Thrift Store is located on the east side of Ames. It is a nonprofit shop that supports organizations that help orphans and vulnerable individuals in Haiti and Africa. Learn more about what they do and how you can get involved by visiting their website!

furniture at overflow thrift store The staff at Overflow keeps the store well organized and adorable. They make it easy to find what you are looking for! Go to Overflow if you are on the hunt for good furniture, dinnerware and cooking tools. They have great pots, pans, plates and glasses! Overall, we found the quality of items at Overflow to be better than those at other local thrift stores, while the pricing is very comparable. Our best finds were furniture ranging in price from $10-$60, plate sets starting at $8.00 and glass jars for just $2.00 and under. 


Habitat store ames

The Habitat Store is in partnership with Habitat for Humanity which works to provide affordable housing to communities in Iowa. The Ames store is open from 9:00-2:00pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. You can get involved by volunteering at the store or donating misc. building materials and furniture! 
furniture and lighting at habitat store
You'll definitely want to keep the Habitat Store in mind for DIY projects or future home renovations! They are stocked with all sorts of construction and building materials. You can buy bathroom sinks, light fixtures, frames, doors, windows, screws and more for great prices at the Habitat Store. There is a great selection of quality furniture, although the prices are higher than what we found at other thrift stores. Our best finds were a vintage couch in perfect condition for $130 and boards for just a few dimes and nickels a piece! 


salvation army amesRevenue from sales at Salvation Army stores go toward disaster relief, food distribution and fighting human trafficking. The Ames store is located right next to Hobby Lobby and Hy-Vee, making it a convenient place to drop off donations! 
supplies at salvation army
Salvation Army is the place to go if you are in need of picture frames! Spray paint the frames to give them a modern look and create a gallery wall in your apartment for just a few dollars! We found frames ranging in price from $2-$5. They also have great cookware, crockpots and plastic food containers that are very inexpensive. 


goodwill store amesAround 85 percent of Goodwill's revenue goes toward supporting community-based programs. It provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities and helps fund organizations that provide training and job placement services!
plates and dishes at goodwill ames Our best finds at Goodwill were dishes, mugs and plate sets.  They have a huge inventory of dinnerware that is in great condition! We also found furniture that was very inexpensive but very much in need of some TLC. 


Stay tuned for our next blog series to see how we are DIYing items from local thrift shops! :)