DIY Hanging Print Frame

August 31, 2016

DIY Hanging Print Frame

If there is anything we LOVE around here it is using a large print to make a statement in a room. Now, you're probably thinking about how expensive large frames are, and trust us, we feel your pain.

Did you know you can make your own hanging frame AND get yourself a large print all for around $5? It's easier than you might think... follow our instructions below!

Hanging Frame Supplies

What You'll Need:

Finding a Print:

We found a FREE digital print to use for our DIY. Browse Pinterest to find artists who offer free digital downloads or free stock photo sites likePixaby. Be sure to follow the rules so you don't steal anyone's work!


Staples offers lightweight, inexpensive engineering prints that you can order online Our 18" x 24" black and white print only cost $1.79! Prices vary depending on the size of your print and whether you print in color or black and white.

Follow the steps on the website to upload your digital file. Choose the color, size and orientation you would like. Make sure you select your store location for pickup.

Making the Frame:

Constructing the Hanging Frame

1. Screw the eye screws in 3" from each end of one board. If you are having trouble getting the screws to go in, try using a pencil or pen to help twist them into the board.

Fitting your print the the Frame2. With the eye screws pointing out the top, position your print evenly across the board. The front of your print should be touching the back of the board. Use a staple gun or other adhesive method to attach the print.

3. Be sure the print is laying evenly, and attach the second board to the bottom of the print. Staple in multiple places to secure.

Hanging the Frame:

Hanging your Frame4. Use twine or an alternative string to hang your framed print. Thread twine through each eye screw and bring the ends together at the top. Make a knot by wrapping both ends of string around and through each other. Bring the ends through the hole and pull tightly to secure the knot.

5. Find a place in your living space to feature your framed print. This frame does not weigh very much, so a thumbtack or small nail should be plenty to hang your new decor on!

DIY Hanging Frame from Haverkamp Properties

Other Ideas:

  • We love the look of natural wood. However, you may want to paint or stain the wood depending on what look you desire.
  • A piece of patterned fabric or wrapping paper that matches the vibe of your room can also easily work with this DIY frame.
  • This frame can be done in a variety of sizes and customized to best fit your space. Be sure the length of your wood pieces are a few inches wider than your print for the best result.