Insite Construction

In 2000, Haverkamp Companies created an on-site construction company to our portfolio. The addition of Insite Construction allowed Haverkamp to start building our own properties. From multifamily units like Stadium View Suites to commercial projects like Dakota Crossing, Insite Construction continues to grow, expand and create. All new projects completed by Insite Construction meet or exceed industry regulations.

Projects For Bid

Are you interested in submitting a bid for a project with Insite? Check out our latest projects and download the forms here:

Ironwood Site Plan

Ironwood 39 plex.  2730 1st Ave S Altoona

Ironwood 36 plex A-sheets.  2710 1st Ave S Altoona Ironwood 36 plex G-sheets.  2710 1st Ave S Altoona

Ironwood 36 plex G-sheets.  2710 1st Ave S Altoona

Ironwood 36 plex S-sheets.  2710 1st Ave S Altoona


Insite Team

Brent Haverkamp


Paul Wilken 

Corey Harms
Project Manager


Zack Ludwig
Project Manager

Josh Peterson
Assistant Project Manager


Heather Kerens