Fun Money Vendor Highlight: Jeff's Pizza in Ames

April 7, 2017

Monday: Pizza.

Tuesday: Pizza. 

Wednesday: Pizza. 

Thursday: Pizza. 

Friday: Pizza. 

Saturday & Sunday: Leftover Pizza.

…Okay, so maybe that’s not the greatest diet plan, but many can agree that pizza is a foundational pillar in life. This is why at nearly all of our Haverkamp Properties locations we have a pizza Fun Money vendor who sells pizza nearby! For our Ames residents, one of the community staples is Jeff’s Pizza, located on the corner of Lincoln Way and Stanton Avenue.

How Does Haverkamp Fun Money Work

Use Your Fun Money at Jeff's Pizza With These Specials

Jeff’s has been serving the Ames community since 2004. Jeff's relative closeness to campus and word of mouth from students and alumni year after year is one of the biggest reasons people keep coming back. One thing many people don’t know about Jeff’s are the great deals that are available every single day of the week! Deals can range from free pizza (yes, you read that right) to free Smotharella breadsticks and more.

Take a look at of them for yourself!

M O N D A Y S: BOGO of any 14” size or larger pizza! (Literally pizza for days!)

T U E S D A Y S: BO of any 14” size or larger pizza, GO same size Smotharella Sticks!

W E D N E S D A Y S: "Triple Play" 2-12" one topping pizzas and a 12" Smotharella Sticks and a 2 Liter of soda for only 19.95!

T H U R S D A Y S: Buy a 14" or larger Specialty Pizza and get a 10" Smotharella Sticks for FREE!

F R I D A Y S: "Friday Feast" 14" Specialty Pizza plus a 14" One Topping Pizza and a 2 Liter of soda for only 26.95!

S A T U R D A Y S: Get a 16" Two Topping Pizza and a 14" Smotharella Sticks for only 23.95!

S U N D A Y S: Get a 14" Two Topping Pizza and 4 Bosco Cheese Sticks for only 15.95!Jeff's also has great lunch deals available if you are headed to campus for class or are on your way back to your apartment. 

So no matter the day of the week, you and some roommates can use some Fun Money on some already amazing pizza deals! For more information and ordering head to Jeff's websiteand check out the complete list of our 

Fun Money Vendors in Ames and stay tuned for more vendor highlights on the blog!

Enjoying Jeff's Pizza with Haverkamp Properties