Fun Money with Haverkamp Properties in Ames, Iowa

Use Fun Money

What is Fun Money?

Fun Money is a $10 card that is used as cash at participating local businesses. It can also be used toward upgrades at Haverkamp Properties.

Check with your Property Manager to see what upgrades and services you can use Fun Money for at your location!

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  1. Residents can only pick up Fun Money for and during the current month.
  2. Fun Money can be applied to extra lease fees, such as Pet Fees or Garage Rentals. It cannot be used toward rent.
  3. In order to pick up Fun Money, the resident's ledger/account must not have any outstanding balances from a previous month.

How Fun Money Works

Haverkamp Properties in Ames, Iowa providing fun money

Haverkamp Properties gives Fun Money to residents.

Resident exchanging fun money with Haverkamp Properties in Ames, Iowa vendors

Residents use Fun Money like cash at local participating vendors.

Vendor returns the card to Haverkamp Properties in Ames, Iowa

Fun Money vendors return cards to Haverkamp Properties for reimbursement.

Haverkamp Properties in Ames, Iowa reimbursing the vendor

Haverkamp Properties reimburses Fun Money vendors.

What is Fun Money+?

Fun Money+ is a discount card in the form of a key tag that is given to residents in Ames and Cedar Rapids.

How Does it Work?

Residents will show their Fun Money+ key tag to receive a special deal at participating businesses. Vendors will choose what discount or special they would like to offer customers. As a vendor, you can choose to set any restrictions with the interest of your business in mind.

Example: “Show your Fun Money+ tag to receive 10% off your total!”

Become A Fun Money+ Vendor

Becoming a vendor for our Fun Money+ program is easy! Email and tell us the name of your business and what special deal you want to provide. We'll also need to know your business's address, phone number and website. If you would like to set any restrictions, please include that information in your email as well!

Fun money logo at Haverkamp Properties in Ames, Iowa